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Standard Basements

ReadyMade Basements can now offer a range of standard basements which can be incorporated into any house design. Prices start from £16,000 for a 25 m2 basement. This is up to 20 per cent cheaper than our bespoke range.The larger the basements are the more cost effective they become. The basement comes with a foundation design to suit most soil types. The price includes design, manufacture and installation of the external walls and the ground floor.

Whether it's a wine cellar and utility room, a home cinema, or a complete extra floor the standard basement can be incorporated into most modern house designs.




  Mini Basement 5m X 5m

For a basement giving up to 25m2 space for a home cinema, wine cellar or games room. Our standard basments come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee against water ingress. They hold Local Authority National Type Approval under the LANTAC scheme. All our previous basements have been warranted by NHBC, Zurich or individual architects.






The basement is designed for standard soil types where the soil is reasonably free draining and/or a sump, pump or soakaway is used to reduce hydrostatic pressure. To confirm your soil type is suitable for our standard design we will need a soil survey. We also need access for a crane and articulated lorries and will need to do a site survey to confirm your site is suitable. The waterproof concrete panels are sealed at the vertical and horizontal joints to prevent water ingress.




All our standard basements come with a standard wall height of 2750 mm. This allows for screed and other floor finishes of up to 150mm to cover underfloor heating and a ceiling void of up to 150mm for services leaving a minimum finished floor to finish ceiling headroom of 2.4m. All standard basements have a flat top to the walls (Type TO) to allow up to three courses of brickwork below the finished ground floor level.



Jumbo Basement with standard window opening.Jumbo Basement with standard window opening.

A row of terraced Maxi BasementsA row of terraced Maxi Basements










Type Size Price
Mini5m X 5m£16,000
Midi5m X 7m £19,500
Maxi7m X 10m £32,000
Jumbo10m X 10m £38,750

 Mini Basement
This measures 5m X 5m and has an opening for a standard straight 900mm stair flight. Cost £16,000 excluding foundation slab. With standard foundation slab £24,000.

Midi Basement
This measures 5m X 7m and has one opening for a standard straight 900mm stair flight.
Cost £19,500 excluding foundation slab or £29,250 with a standard foundation.
Maxi Basement
This measures 10m X 7m and has one central wall and a beam; we have also created a structural opening for a standard 900mm straight flight.
Cost £32,000 without foundation and £47,000 with a foundation.
Jumbo Basement
This is the largest in the range at 10m X 10m and incorporates a central wall and beam plus a stair opening.
Cost £38,750 for the basement alone or £57,750 with the foundation.

Optional Extras

Precast Concrete stair straight flight 900mm wide with 13No risers. Cost £1000
Window opening and lightwell. 1000mm X 1000mm window opening with GRP lightwell fitted. Can be positioned at the top of any wall.
Cost £500.
External stairwell to allow access to your garden. Includes standard 900mm straight stair flight above.
Cost £2500
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