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Retaining Walls

We offer many types of retaining walls – all of them can have a variety of finishes to suit the client’s needs.

  • Betablok - an interlocking block system – for bay walls, security, waste segregation bay
  • Large modular system – based on a 3m x 1m module
  • Traditional L shaped or T shapes – with a variety of finishes
  • Aquacast - a small block system for retaining earth or controlling watercourses


Betablock is an interlocking block system with shear key. Retaining walls up to 3150mm high can be built using this system and a suitable land drain.

Hydrostatic pressure is reduced by land drain and joints.

A variety of finishes and colours can be provided to suit client and site requirements.

Our modular wall is based on a 3m X 1m block which is 350mm wide. It can be designed up to 3m high with a suitable foundation.

We can provide a range of attractive finishes and colours to suit your site.


Traditional L or T shaped retaining walls but with a finish. This saves times and money in creating a facing brick or stone finish to your retaining wall. A variety of patterns and colours available.

Supply or supply and fit service is offered.

Aquacast is a small V or W shaped block which can be used to create a retaining wall or protect a river bank or coastal site from erosion and scour.

This system is engineered to suit site conditions. it can be free standing or built arounda series of piles depending on the soil type and load.