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Lift shafts and Lift pits

ReadyMade Basements have developed a system to build a full range of lift sizes accurately, quickly and efficiently. The shafts can be designed to be completely loadbearing, replacing the need to build an in–situ lift core for the overall stability of the building. The speed and efficiency of the system is unrivalled.

Lift PitLift Pit

Lift pits can be cast with connecting reinforcement to tie into the ground slab. These can be offered as a supply or supply and fix contract. Up to 12 pits can be installed in one day, saving time and money.

A three storey shaft can be built in one day. The shaft uses large sections of precast concrete tied together with reinforcement to form a plumb shaft to run the lift services.

Sockets and guide rail supports can be cast into the walls, reducing the lift fixing time. Safety rail and staging supports can be designed in as well. Most shafts come with a lifting beam fixed to the top to haul the lift car into position.